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What’s Tesla’s Future?

     Tesla is one of the leading electric auto manufactures. Tesla astounded the world whenever it came out with the Roadster in 2010. Many individuals started seeing the potential of having an electric vehicle as a daily driver. Throughout time, Tesla has attained the name as being the foremost electrical auto manufacturer. Even though Tesla has all this publicity, you could believe they don’t really represent a stable company. I have seen Tesla from when they first launched their Tesla Roadster to their Tesla Model Y; you can see many irregularities in the company but no real step towards the right direction. I am going to go over Tesla as a company and not their vehicles. I still think that Tesla’s are astounding cars but the company, like stated before, has its flaws.      Let’s look at the market Tesla’s in. There are numerous auto manufactures that produce cars for many niches. If you were to look at Toyota, they have an automobile for just about anyone. Now compare that to Tesl

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