Should a teenager get a new car or an old car?

     Many parents with kids that are ready to drive ask themselves a question whether to get their kid a new car or an old car. There are major differences in both of these options in which one could be price or one could even be customizability. There are also other variables like how much the parent wants to spend. Even though I am just a teenager and not even an adult, I have still seen many teenagers drive both new and old cars and have seen how they have used them.
     Let’s look at the advantages of giving a new car to a teenager. In America, the most unsafe drivers on the road are teenagers as well as drunk drivers but I’m just talking about the sober ones. The new cars provide new technology that can help ensure that these teenagers are safer on the roads. Another advantage of having a new car is that the parent will have more control over what the car is doing and what speed the car is going. There are many auto manufacturers that have created apps that collect data from the car and directly send it to the parent to see how the car is running and to even see the speed of the car in real-time. Another amazing advantage of having a new car is having better gas mileage compared to the older models. As time goes on, year by year, the cars get safer and safer as well as get better mileage. All of these could vary depending on what car you get for your teenager. If it was something like the Ford Mustang GT, then your teen is most probably not going to have the best mileage as well as the safest car. In my opinion the safest car to get a teen is not the one that has the fastest 0-60 time, but rather the one that is more practical. Another advantage of giving a new car is that they usually are lower in insurance. When having a new car and all of its new technology, the insurance company knows that the car is safe and would prevent accidents, so in that case the insurance for a newer car is cheaper; this usually only pertains to economy cars rather than sport or exotic cars. There are also some disadvantages to getting a new car. When these new cars come out, they tend to have a lot more electronics and computers embedded in the car. With these computers, there are more chances of them failing as well as more chances that the computer could misread something and have a tendency to give the wrong information.
     Now let's talk about the advantages of giving an older car. Many old cars have been known for being a lot more customizable. If the goal of your teen is to customize it, they would need more money to add on modifications onto the car. If that is the case, getting an older car for cheaper and then building the money to later modify the car is very much a viable option. Due to the car being relatively cheap, many teenagers will do many irresponsible things to their car, so buying a cheaper car is better than your son or daughter ruining the car for a more expensive car. Compared to the newer cars with all of its technology, the older cars don't have all the flashy technology and bright screens, so in doing so the driver won't be as distracted on the road with all the flashy technology. There are many factors when it comes to buying a car for your kid. What is their passion? What are they going to do with the car? Where will they be going in the car? All these questions need to be considered before buying the car for your kid. If your kid wants to modify a car, an older car is better for that. For example like an older Honda Civic Type R or an older Subaru WRX STI. All of these are fine if your kid wants to go into that segment. Sometimes, having an older car can have lower insurance costs, but it still may be the same as a newer car. If your budget is pretty tight, then going for a cheaper car is logical. There is also quite a bit of a disadvantage. With being older, there is more likely a chance for the car to break down and have many engine issues as well as transmission issues. Having an older car also means that it will most probably have higher miles in which would result in you going for maintenance quite a bit.
     With the analysis of both newer cars and older cars, I would choose the newer car but not the newest. If my budget was tight, I would go for a Certified Pre-Owned car. Those are basically new with added mileage as well as having a cheaper price. If your budget was around $15,000 for your kid’s car, then you could get something like a Honda Civic. Those are reliable as well as fun cars. In my opinion, having a safe car to drive is better than risking your kid’s life on the road. There are many features that prevent major crashes from happening as well as keeping the car in good condition. I am a little biased due to the fact that I own a Certified Pre-Owned car, but you also have to understand that it is my opinion and I am just an enthusiast in the world of cars.


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