The Truth About Electric Cars

     In today’s world, with the new upcoming technology with cars, people have a mindset to where they think that electric cars are healthy for the environment. Even though electric cars don't produce any emission, have you ever thought about how they make those lithium batteries or how the process of getting the needed chemicals for the battery is produced? No. Barely anyone puts in any thought into that question. They just want the title of “Yeah I have an eco-friendly car”. Honestly you are not doing anything better for the environment. There are some upsides to owning an electric car obviously but today I am going to be showcasing the main negative issues that no one talks about.
     How are electric cars bad for the environment? The production of the battery is much more harmful to the environment than the production of gasoline cars. The current “environmental footprint” of electric cars outweighs that of a gasoline car. The large batteries that are needed for electric cars have a substance in them called lithium. Lithium like every other substance, needs to be harvested from the environment. To get lithium, you have to mine it from the ground, and when these auto manufacturers are mining the lithium from the ground, it produces a lot of greenhouse gases. The problem with this is that the market for electric cars is rapidly growing, so the mining process will also have to be sped up or down more. If these auto manufactures don’t find a way to mine lithium without producing greenhouse gases then it could cause a lot of harm to the environment. For lithium to be made, it takes around 8-10 metric tons of CO2 to produce an electric vehicle. It all depends on the size of a battery. A small electric car like the BMW i3 could take around 2 metric tons of CO2 while something like the Tesla Model X with the long-range package could take up to an immense, 17 metric tons of CO2. On the contrary, an average gasoline car takes only 7 metric tons of CO2. Most of the lithium supply comes from a place called the “lithium triangle”; an area between Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina. To get lithium, the miners have to break through the salt flats and get through the crust to where the lithium is located. This process takes a lot of groundwater in the nearby area. When this happens, there is a decrease in the water supply as well as a decrease in the water meant for agriculture. A region in Chile called Salar De Atacama, mining companies have used 65% of their water supply. To even get one ton of lithium, it takes around 750 tons of brine to be produced. You might think that lithium takes up most of the parts in a battery but no. It takes a very small percentage in the production of a battery. Lithium takes around 6% in a battery. There is another substance in the battery that has a growing concern, Cobalt. This issue is more of an ethical dilemma due to the fact that some countries use child labor as well as forced labor to produce cobalt. Honestly think to yourself for a moment, do you like riding an electric car that where the battery was partially made by child labor? Another issue with electric cars is the process of recycling the batteries. The storage of lithium-ion batteries can be very harmful at a point. There have already been many cases of batteries catching on fire in the storage facility. You also have to consider the fact that gasoline cars have been here for ages while electric cars have been recently been put in the market. By time, like gasoline cars, electric cars should be able to control their impact on the environment.
     I am not saying that electric cars are bad because, in the long run, they are still way better than gasoline cars. While time goes on electric cars will most probably get better at producing their batteries without hurting the environment. Everything I have stated were hard facts, but I will still take your opinion on electric cars. Just know, that this is my opinion and that I am just an enthusiast in the world of cars.


  1. I totally agree even though electric cars produce fewer emissions and are considered "eco-friendly", they aren't. The battery that is used to run these cars is as harmful or even more to the environment.

  2. Also, I loved learning the in depth detail of the process of constructing a electric car battery. I learn something new everday because of you. Keep it up!

  3. Where is the "I would love to hear your point of view as well."


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