What is Infiniti's fate in the future?

     In the early 1980s, Nissan saw how well the Japanese luxury car brands were doing in North America, but they also saw how the European luxury brands were getting the most sales. In response to the high demand on European luxury cars, Nissan tried its own take towards the luxury car market. They had a car company called Infiniti. Infiniti was a brand that competed against the higher luxury brands like BMW or Mercedes, but now, Infiniti is mainly looked as a cheaper, and a worser option compared to the mainstream competition. Infiniti has been successful in the past but that was when they reached out to other countries. First thing that needs to be understood is that Infiniti is owned by Nissan. Nissan itself isn't doing so great and those sales are bound to be reflected onto Infiniti. In the beginning, the lineup that first kicked off Infiniti was the Q45. When Infiniti was created, it was supposed to be like Honda to Acura or Toyota to Lexus, but it wasn't getting nearly the same amount of sales the other competitors were getting. While they introduced the Q45, M30, and G20, Infiniti was doing considerably well in the beginning. Infiniti was also one of the first to step into the luxury SUV market which is now a very desirable market. Infiniti was going really strong throughout their sales and they really started to reach their peak during the 2000s. In the 2000s, Infiniti released an amazing car called the G35. When Infiniti made the G35, it was better than all of its competition. It was better than the BMW 3 series; which was considered the best during the time, and there were many car companies that were trying their best to top BMW's 3 series. The G35 was better in all aspects like cost, power, reliability and luxury. The G35 started to show everyone the real potential of Infiniti. During this time frame, Infiniti was doing really well with not only their sedans like the G35 and the coupe but also the SUVs they had like the FX.
     After realizing their own potential, Infiniti decided that the next best move for the company was to target other markets which in this case meant to start selling their cars in different countries. Infiniti started trying to globally expand their name. They started to spread their dealerships, their marketing, and developing many target markets to fit each area. In 2008, Infiniti expanded to Europe to take the car companies head-on. Due to the big audience Formula 1 has, Infiniti saw it best to enter into Formula 1. They started to sponsor a team to get their name viewed globally. They tried their best to make sure that everyone knew about Infiniti and the potential they had. While time was passing, Infiniti started to also sell in Asia and Australia; sales were going pretty well for Infiniti. That was the peak of Infiniti.
     Infiniti since then has withdrawn from Formula 1 and has also stopped selling their vehicles in Europe, Asia, and Australia. After all of Infiniti's effort into trying to get their name out globally, they just ended back to square one. Infiniti's cars didn't have a steady pace for sales, they mainly had their sales fluctuate with the economy. Infiniti in the 2000s was portrayed as a car that was amazing and better than its competition. Now that time has gone, Infiniti hasn't really done anything to really appeal to the consumers. They have very outdated interiors and they have gotten barely any changes to the exterior. Sadly, Infinitis' main audience is rental companies that are trying to up-sell consumers and people that just want a deal. Due to the fact that Infiniti's competition is a bit more expensive, people with a smaller budget go to Infiniti for that cheap luxury that it has obtained throughout the years. Infiniti has lost countless amounts of sales due to their horrible line up. They used to have 10 cars for sale but now they only have 4 cars for sale. They don't have a solid profit margin either. All these have affected Infiniti horribly, and while time goes on, it will be worse for Infiniti. There is a very small place for improvement for Infiniti. The only way they can get themselves out of their predetermined end is by changing their marketing strategies and actually updating their cars. The competition is blowing them out of the waters while Infiniti still has horrible technology and insufficient materials in the interior. They need to start looking towards a niche, a set target market so that they can get more sales. In my opinion, I don't think we will be seeing Infiniti as a car company in the future. Just know these are my opinions on Infiniti. I'm just an enthusiast in the car world.


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