What’s Tesla’s Future?

     Tesla is one of the leading electric auto manufactures. Tesla astounded the world whenever it came out with the Roadster in 2010. Many individuals started seeing the potential of having an electric vehicle as a daily driver. Throughout time, Tesla has attained the name as being the foremost electrical auto manufacturer. Even though Tesla has all this publicity, you could believe they don’t really represent a stable company. I have seen Tesla from when they first launched their Tesla Roadster to their Tesla Model Y; you can see many irregularities in the company but no real step towards the right direction. I am going to go over Tesla as a company and not their vehicles. I still think that Tesla’s are astounding cars but the company, like stated before, has its flaws.
     Let’s look at the market Tesla’s in. There are numerous auto manufactures that produce cars for many niches. If you were to look at Toyota, they have an automobile for just about anyone. Now compare that to Tesla. They have produced four cars to this day. With these cars, their only niche is really the high-class and middle-class. There are no real niches in Tesla. Yes, you could argue that they have a mix of SUVs as well as sedans but where are the other cars. All those vehicles are basically the same and don’t market to other individuals that don’t apply in their current niche. One of the most prominent problems with Tesla is profit. When the company is producing at tremendous amounts with no real revenue being deposited back into Tesla, they are traveling straight towards bankruptcy. There are so many methods to where Tesla could get themselves out of where they are right now, but obviously due to the modern problems created by COVID-19, they aren’t feasible. That is still not an excuse for not getting the company out of where it is today. Obviously, Tesla is a newer company in the automotive industry but how do you expect to persevere in such competitive markets. Over time if they don’t change their production and profit margins, I am assuring liquidation. One method to help Tesla is marketing to other niche markets. Before even proceeding into that process, they have to introduce a new vehicle that doesn’t already present in their current niche. Once they have designed such a vehicle, they need to market it in a reasonable fashion. There are several methods to advertise their vehicles without already plunging into their capital they’re already losing.
     Tesla won't fail. Right now, the company is still all around, set to establish another financing round, and could almost unquestionably still do upwards of all the more subsidizing occasions before the investors quit investing. An ever-increasing amount of evangelists are changing their numbers as the rivalry in the EV market gets more aggressive. WallStreet is becoming agitated with broken guarantees and irregular CEO behavior. In addition, as consumers discover different electric vehicle choices that entice their dollar, since Tesla isn't the main game around, they would have a lot of competition. Tesla is too important of a brand in the automotive industry to just vanish in a haze. Most, by far, of automotive companies from years preceding, were assimilated into more influential brands, where some succeeded wonderfully like Dodge, and others gradually transformed into something unrecognizable like the Hudson company. Seemingly, the Tesla brand is the most significant bit of Tesla's monetary record as different producers have found their hard innovation, in being the batteries and chargers, and are quickly pursuing down their delicate innovation, the technology in autopilot. The Tesla brand has a worldwide reach, and still is and will be frequently spoken by people. The main problem for Tesla is acquisition. The mysterious part right now is actually: who will secure Tesla. Apple previously offered to purchase Tesla in 2013 for more than the company’s worth at the time. Despite who gets down to business, it will be extremely surprising if the exchange is considered an acquisition. Any upcoming updates on an organization with a Toyota or a Mercedes won’t be viewed as an actual existence preserver tossed out in accordance with some basic honesty, rather a discount privateer sacking an organization. Electric vehicles are not, at this point made out of old Porsche 914s by an individual in a shed. We are advancing toward an electric future. In the best of universes, Tesla can impact Mercedes and even Chinese organizations from within, to truly nail electric vehicles and make them the most reasonable choice for consumers. 
     One big problem with Tesla is their CEO. Elon Musk is known as a well-rounded person who has made many steps towards modification in society. Even though Elon Musk is an intellectual in the masks of science, he has no real benefit for the company. People could argue that he has given them massive sales or has marketed Tesla in an unspeakable manner, but honestly where? There isn’t any evident marketing. They have had car shows and the enormous press meetings they have when they reveal a new car, but nothing else. Tesla isn’t where it is today because of the CEO, but rather because of the influence it has on the electric automotive industry. I am not saying that all the problems are being caused because of Elon Musk, it’s just that Tesla is trying to do many things at a time. To be in a stable position in this automotive market, they have to finish tasks and then move on, rather trying to take on numerous tasks in order to show their “excellence”. Tesla needs ot focus on their production. They are trying to produce numbers that their factories cannot proficiently produce. If they were to spend more time collaborating as an organization into seeing what the best plan is into outreaching other markets, they would be better at handling higher priority tasks. The connection with all these problems is the CEO. Elon Musk honestly isn’t ready to handle the magnitude of this company. He is already extremely invested in SpaceX. In my opinion, if Tesla changes its marketing strategies, in both adverting and to their niches, and changes the ways they collaborate as a team in the company, then only will they start becoming a profitable company. Everything I have stated was my opinion on Tesla, but I will still take your opinion on electric cars. Just know that this is my opinion and that I am just an enthusiast in the world of cars.


  1. Wow, I totally agree. Tesla has made a huge impact on the entire future of the electric automative industry not because of Elon Musk's "advertising".

    1. *Elon Musk has not done much to advertise but the whole innovative idea of electric cars is so new and creative that it has spread among so many people.

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